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Love these 1D/McFly collaborations. My fave on #MidnightMemories! For you, @HelloJewlie

I had a lot of thoughts about this week’s episode of The Originals. This episode is only getting better, and that makes me SO HAPPY. Klaroline is still my OTP, though. 

This scene was extremely powerful for many reasons. It shows how far Klaus and Cami’s relationship has progressed. These two are actually friends. Klaus actually did what he thought was best for her, not because she’s a pawn in his game but because he actually cares. A lot of what makes this dynamic so great is seeing how similar these two characters are, which is why I have a hard time believing this will turn into a romantic relationship. (However, did anyone else notice how Cami and Caroline have opposite views on people who do terrible things? Interesting…)

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Crystal, do you watch Teen Wolf? Tell me you do!
crystalbell crystalbell Said:

As if I could resist another vampire show! #StilesFTW

Why Klaroline Shouldn’t Happen — Yet (aka something all Klaroline fans should read.) 

Klaus belongs with Caroline, Elena’s friend/a vampire/THE BEST. She’s not going to The Originals, and this is a Big Problem. Tears. Tears everywhere.

Everything Becca Martin knows about Klaroline, she learned from me. You’re welcome, Klaroline fans.

Interrupting #TheOC playlist to listen to one of my favorites.

Couldn’t be more obsessed with EP. Brilliant.


We love PLL director, Norman Buckley! He takes us behind-the-scenes of episode 15 and ONLY we have this pic!

Spoby forever. 

Teen Wolf scoop from Sinqua Walls! 

And Derek really cares about Boyd because I think Boyd wanted to be Derek’s quintessential student. He looked up to Derek. So I think Derek does probably feel remorse for not looking out for him.”